Andis EGT UltraEdge+ Detachable Blade, Black

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Andis took some of the most popular blade sets and made them even better. By adding the Electro-Glide Technology blade coating, hair feeds better for faster cutting and a smoother finish. EGT also reduces corrosion resulting in longer blade life.

Key Benefits
UltraEdge+ blades are designed to stay sharper, longer, and feature a specifically engineered tooth pattern.
Exclusive tooth pattern feeds hair better and requires fewer passes.
Electro-Glide Technology coating to feed hair smoothly and quicker, for a reduced amount of time needed for grooming. It also reduces corrosion resulting in a longer blade life.
Fits all Andis AG, AG2, AGP, AGC, AGC2, AGR, AGR+, AGCR, AGRV, AGCL, BG, MBG, MBG2, SMC and Oster 76, 111, A-5 models.
A blade that delivers a show quality finish every time at a fraction of the price of a professional grooming visit.
DETECT! Regular clipping makes fleas and ticks more visible!

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